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Welcome to Capitalism

from The Rebel Cell by Mud Sun



Welcome to Capitalism

It's so lovely
So smooth
So step inside champagne
Strawberry wine
Your VIP champagne

Well that was Baba's piece
And this is mine
Designed to show a little of what makes up his mind
All right?
It sounds like this

Welcome to capitalism
Yeah, it's yours
Step inside kids
Everything here is designed for your comfort
And you're all invited
White, rich, wealthy, European-looking, Western
Whether you excel at industry
Or you're swell at investment
Come on, there's space for all
Absolutely yes, you too, and you and you
No matter your attitude
Ave Caesar!
Yes, absolutely
Great, super, mega, brilliant
Gillian, shut the gate
Don't mind them
Did they say something?
Probably local thugs
Our doorman will stop them coming in
Don't worry
Move away from the door
Are you quite comfortable?
We'll see your every need is catered for
You have thirty seconds to comply!
Canape? Cognac?
Twenty seconds!
Move back!
Now, Neil tells me you're thinking Nigeria next
Good plan
I know how tedious Bolivia gets
The whole water saga
It's impossible to relax isn't it?
When the lumpy proletariat attacks business
It's enough to make one reach for the bubbly
Ten seconds!
But honestly
I wouldn't let it trouble me
Eight seconds!
Would you care for seconds?
Seven seconds!
Cognac? Canape?
You have to see things in a balanced way
Five seconds!
Have a cocktail
Four seconds!
What can you do?
Have a shampoo
Have a hat
Have a gun
Get on the floor!
No, not you
Get on the floor!
Get on the floor!
Bloody militants
Gillian, kill him
Honestly, really
These activists, all doom and gloom
Very sorry about that, you okay?
Let's move to the next room
There's Baba Brinkman
He's our rapper
Big on money and markets
A lovely crafted mouthpiece
For the governing classes
He's bloody marvelous
The director was so impressed
Between you and me
He funded his masters
He's rocked libraries from London to Harvard
Most extrordinary
Brinkman, here's a bloke you ought to meet
His name is Mann, or Thatcher or something similar
He does fantastic work with energy in Nigeria
A great friend of the Prime Minister
Brinkman's mother's an MP
He's really the cleverest MC you'll ever meet
He's a little left of center
But nothing to be alarmed with
He's read 'The Rebel Sell'
So he's perfectly harmless
You two will get alond fine
Help yourself to snacks
I've got to take a call
Small matter of tax
Back in a sec lads

And there's why you think the system works so well, bro
It's given you swell clothes and a great deal on your cell phone
Free water, shiny white teeth and healthy bones
Of course your defense of the fortress is well-honed
Well if you're really down for doing something positive
Why don't you juggle south over the border
Where the world's majority live
Wave your wealth at them
And ask them what's wrong with it
Might just make a little shift in consciousness
Or maybe it might just show you what the problem is
Wherever there's capitalism, there's injustice
In all its monstrousness
It follows like a plague
Irrespective of your politics
'Cause it's the only way the people at the top
Have ever profited


from The Rebel Cell, released August 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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