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The Birth of Mud Sun

from The Rebel Cell by Mud Sun



The Birth of Mud Sun

Mate I just wanted to say
I thought what you did was wicked
I'm Dizraeli I did the politician bit
It's Baba isn't it?
Chaucer as rap lyrics, that's good man, I like it
Did you like my shit?
I'm glad you do, I like writing it
Now listen, I know this cypher we can both go to
If you fancy it
A little slice of British life to show you
We can go together, and show them what poets do
You'll go down a treat with the rappers I know it, dude

Cool man, I'm down to do it now
I'm new in town
And I definitely liked your poems that you did
You threw it down
And if that club is the place to go then cool
Sign me up
'Cause, I got this new song that I just wrote
And it's hyped up!

All right cool, safe
Oy, this is the night club
All right bruv
Do you mind if I bring my mate to the stage tonight?
I've seen him play, yeah he's tight
No, he's not from Brighton
Uh, Vancouver I think
Nice one, appreciate it
Oy, you looking for a drink?

I'm not much of a wine sipper
Or a connesouer of fine liquor
But a good pint of bitter makes a man a better rhyme spitter
And, if you see a slight quiver in my hand, that's adrenaline
When I'm holding the paper it gets my fingers shakin' a little bit

Don't worry bro, I swear, I'll get 'em into it
Now listen, all right...

Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen
All the way from Vancouver, Canada
A new rapper for you
Give a shout for Baba

Hey, thanks, thanks, good to be here
Um, here, this is my new poem, check it out
It goes like this, all right

My bedroom looks like a library or something
I consume books like a dietary supplement
I get my excitement from dead white men
And turn my eyes to the east when I seek enlightenment
'Cause the Tao de Ching is a powerful truth
And Lao Tzu allows me to put down roots
So I don't freak out when I get mistreated
It's the stoicism of Epictetus
And the Bhagavad Gita taught me non-attachment
And not to hesitate when it's time for action
My mind is climaxing, but unsatisfied
In battles I use Sun Tzu to strategize
And pacify rappers with the Art of War
And create utopia's like I'm Thomas Moore
Or, if I'm facing an act of rebellion
I'll take a chapter from The Prince and be Machiavellian
I imagine rap as the Iliad and Odyssey
It's philosophical narrative artistry
The allegory of the cave is the story of the matrix
The core stays the same while the form changes
With correlations from Plato, to Francis Bacon
Knowledge is the key to emancipation
So I'm like Prospero in a hip-hop show
I conjure with a flow that's impossible to match
And I got some old philosophical raps
I stole from an ivory tower about to collapse
And then I thought perhaps it was just a mirage
So I rebuilt it with hip-hop, which is Bricolage

Damn, tough crowd
All those chests thrust out
I thought Brighton was "love town"
So uh, what now?

Bruv, put the mic down
Listen, it's not...
There's nothing wrong with what you did
I reckon it's fat
It's just the rap kids can't connect to that
You know, lecture rap
Why don't you loosen up a bit?
Save the intellect for the libraries
Try a freestyle, yeah?
All right, check it
Next on the mic please
Nice one

Freestyle hey?
Yeah I can freestyle
Um, Yo check it out
That's right, that's right

I might be slammin' the flow
Even though I got mad skill
Like Edgar Allen Poe
Or any other kind of philosopher
That you can talk about
Rappers step up to the mic
And shit, I knock 'em out
Like I was, like I was, uh,
Cassius Play
Um, Cassius Clay I mean
Like um, back in the day

Back in the day
Fuck Cassius Clay
You get blatantly slapped in the face
I'm up here in a happenin' way
Oy, it's Lukrativ
Here to burn the new kid
Give a shout out if you think his style's useless

That's what I'm talking about though
This is some real hiphop innit
You get me?
Oy, check it out
Check it
I'm ready to battle you dude?
Oy, check it, check it
It goes what

I'm hot in the feature
My street philosophy's deeper
This prick looks like a frickin' geography teacher

Um, yeah
Okay, maybe that's what I look like
But, look at your face man
You don't look right
Like you tried to cross the street
And forgot to look right

Oy, don't even bother
Listen bruv
All your lines are bad
Check it
Even your friggin' pinstripes are wack
Boy, check it
You're fake as Spinal Tap
It's the young Harold from Neighbors trying to rap
Testing the kid with his head full of raw stuff
I'ma step to the forefront
Start addressing the audience
He reckons he's the resurrection of Geoffrey Chaucer
You just witnessed the death of the author

You blatantly got served man!

I don't even like battling man
Give it up for Lucrative
He won everybody, yeah

Aw Mate
Don't worry, listen
I think you killed it
Come on, we're gonna do some wicked collaborations
You wait and see
It'll be good man
We're a team
It's cool


from The Rebel Cell, released August 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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