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Seduction feat. Dizraeli

from Lit​-​Hop by Baba Brinkman



Featuring Dizraeli


I stood on somebody’s front porch sellin’ vitamins
Three naked women answered the door like: “Invite him in!”
I never intended to live a life of sin
But I may never be in a place like this again
So I’ma live this life like it’s the last one
I step inside with every intention of havin’ fun
The women lead me to the back of the mansion, and I’m stunned
By incense and decorations, lavishly done
Then suddenly it’s opium smoke that I’m inhalin’
Details blend; my mind is in a tailspin
It’s a hell of a day in the life of a vitamin salesman
But there’s no need to keep sellin’; I’ll just chill a bit
Surrounded by beautiful skin and crushed velvet
I feel a rush to my pelvis as the women undress me
But then I catch a glimpse of reflection that vexes me
There’s an emaciated man behind a curtain whispering…

I used to be just like you
Now I’ve gotta pay for the lust I knew
Tell me what must I do?
Don’t stop here; rush right through

I came here in the same way you did
Polluted by the poison of cupid
Testicles inflated by my sexual
Greatness, the delectable ladies
Handling me, it was a little boy’s fantasy:
Opiates, cocaine and mammary glands;
I’m a family man with four kids
and a mortgage, but I couldn’t resist the forces
Of the snap of the jaws; it’s happened before, bruv
Turn ‘round; she’ll be slammin’ the door shut
You’re stuck; you can never get your pride back
You are tied to a life in the flytrap
You are inside the grip now; lie back
You can never escape man, I tried that
The door’s guarded by this white cat
Whose straight gaze could turn the skies black
Flick of the tail, flutter of eyelash
And your getaway plans man are sidetracked
Your mind snaps in the flash of a synapse
And you’ll find yourself running right back
So don’t listen to these hoes whisperin’
Even when soap glistens on a titty in a pretty way
Go home before you’re trapped in a stone prison
Forced to bone women fifty times on any given day

I used to be just like you
Now I’ve gotta pay for the lust I knew
Tell me what must I do?
Don’t stop here; rush right through

This has gotta be the greatest dilemma I’ve ever faced
These incredible women are ready to give it away
And this pathetic slave is sayin’ that I’d better escape
I’m feelin’ so frustrated that I’m ready to break
The women tell me to forget it, not to listen to the bastard
That he’s just a sex addict they keep locked in the attic
For kicks, and if he wanted to get rid of the habit
And quit, he could walk away just like that
But he keeps babbling about this little white cat
When it’s another kind of pussy that keeps him coming back
I feel like I’m gonna crack, the temptation is so strong
But something goes wrong; now I’m pullin’ my clothes on
The women drop to their knees like, “Don’t go, please
Hold on; you can have us all before dawn!”
But I’m beyond listenin’; I’m fightin’ ‘em off
And gathering the boxes from my vitamin stocks
The white cat tries to bite me as I walk past
But I just give it a swift kick right in the chops
And now I’m back to my life on the block
How was I supposed to know who to believe
The super freaks or the dude on a leash?
I’m usually open to sweetness, but there’s too many people
Who lose their freedom in a moment of weakness
That's why I don’t sleep with hoes and leeches

I used to be just like you
Now I’ve gotta pay for the lust I knew
Tell me what must I do?
Don’t stop here; rush right through


from Lit​-​Hop, released October 6, 2006


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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