Second Cell

from The Rebel Cell by Mud Sun



The Second Cell

The year is 2013

So then what happened? Baba turned whisperer
Contributed his chorus then prostituted his literature

Hey, we fell out because I thought the revolution was a metaphor
And you were looking for an excuse to start a civil war

That's what you thought
That's why every time we did a tour
You slipped off shagging women
While I went and talked with the poor
Every port we stopped at
I sought out what you never saw
Too boozed to understand my views
So convinced of yours

Well one of us had to have fun
You were too puritan
Up on your high horse
Working with the poor and loyal to your girlfriend
Too bad your glass was half-filled
With your middle class guilt
And your socialist social analysis
Drove you to total paralysis
And gave you awkward nerves
You were awesome with words
And you made hot products
But you hated entrepreneurs

My actions were as strong as my verse
And you, so fond of dissing hypocrites
Talked injustice but didn't do shit to limit it
Money was motive for you
For me it was coincidence
I couldn't see what we did as column inches

So the only difference between us is your pathos?
Money is coincidence for you and Bill Gates both
You know justice doesn't flow from your empathetic pains

No shit Sherlock
Anymore from your liberal journo masquerade
But money doesn't mind where it's made right?
Your struggle's a play fight

And yours is a performance with double the stage fright
You know, every rebel commander's fate
Is to go from Che Guevera to Alexander the Great
Revolutions are where dictators incubate
And you're still fiending for center stage

And you're still keeping me entertained
Baba it's laughable
I never needed to take a commanders role

Okay, Castro

That's so typically narrow
All I had to do was remind people to answer back
But you wouldn't understand that
'Cause strong people don't need strong leaders
And it seems they didn't need much reminder either

Look, our time is nearly up man
Let's get back to the questioning
Forget about the past and just try to act professionally
I have to know
Did you get trapped intentionally?
What's this meant to be?
Is it a publicity stunt
To promote your cause with broken laws
Is this what you want?

I saved your life twice
In France, remember
I pulled you free from knife fights

Right, right
You had my back before we fell out
But you never had respect
'Cause you thought I was a sell out

I thought we could have done more
That's all
To tell them our vision
Our vision
What the hell am I thinking?

Your vision?
Your need to defeat the system
Which is just a validation
Of your distorted version of realism
Everywhere I look
I see people making free decisions
Everywhere you look, man
All you see is victims


from The Rebel Cell, released August 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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