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Life is a battle against the threat of entropy
To keep the chaos at bay it takes energy
Joules, you get four joules in a calorie
They keep your body movin’ just like juice in a battery
Performing work, that’s a joule’s capacity
Living things either bring in joules or they’re casualties
Life is a joule theft, everything is eating everything
And it’s ruthless, food is a source of energy
To make moves with, how else you gonna hold on?
Plants are the exception, they get joules from a photon
And store it in a chemical bond, that’s the juiciest
Until you come along and stick it up for its nutrients

Every organism livin’, stick 'em up, run the joules
Unless they're photosynthetic, stick 'em up, run the joules
Plants get it from sunlight but the rest are criminals
Stick 'em up, run the joules, stick 'em up, run the joules

The sun give me energy
I got the energy to win
You draw whatever energy
You need to live

We burn energy, makin’ order for entropy
We even learned to harness external sources of energy
Burn the wood and get some extra calories
Out of your food and light up the night, and break out the heat
Domesticated animals gave us an extra dose
And then we dug underground for the treasure trove
Three hundred million year old black gold
Hydrocarbons: oil and coal!
That’s when external work really just accelerated
Energy abundance makes a civilization creative
We transcended the limitations of evolution
One machine can do the work of fifty humans

Every organism livin’, stick 'em up, run the joules
Until they go electric, stick 'em up, run the joules
Now we get external energy from fossil fuels
So that “stick ‘em up” thing is totally old school

People tryin’ to
Drain me of this energy
Energy to win
You draw whatever energy
You need to live

We had fun with our energy abundance
Until we discovered the carbon cycle is disrupted
It was in balance, until we dug around
And pulled a couple hundred gigatons out of the ground
And burned it for the joules just to keep things movin’
And now the atmosphere is full of carbon pollution
And two hundred and fifty trillion joules of extra
Heat gets added to the planet every single second
That’s two hundred and forty Hiroshimas every minute
So maybe it’s time to get our joules somewhere different
Like a drug in your system, ooh yeah, that’s the buzz
If only we could get it from the sun like a plant does

Every organism, stick 'em up, run the joules
Gimme gimme gimme gimme, stick 'em up, run the joules
It’s nothin’ personal but I gotta get the juice
We got the dirty energy blues

I don’t know what 

They want from me

It’s like the more carbon we come across

The more problems we see


from The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, released September 30, 2016
Written by D. Brinkman and T. Caruana
Produced and Mixed by Tom Caruana
Keys by Simon Kendall
Cuts by iLLspokinn
Additional vocals by Aaron Nazrul


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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