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Mr. Infomatic

from The Infomatic EP by Baba Brinkman



Written and produced with support from NIMBioS:

(The views expressed in this song are those of the artist, and may not reflect the official position of NIMBioS)


Mr. Infomatic

It's not the end of the world
It's just something new

Y'all act like you've never seen a rapper reading before
With rhymes that deserve a MacArthur Genius Award
A Pulitzer Prize, and a triple word score
But only a fool would dismiss it as "Nerdcore"
This is Hip-hop! in the Dead Prez sense of the word
It's bigger than your pigeonholes; it's literature
With soul, just ask Michael Eric Dyson
It's as big as the vision of the rapper who writes it
Like the GZA learning physics from Neil deGrasse Tyson
I consume facts like grass to bison
For this bio-info-matic rap
Constructing a niche, 'cause I'm lackin' a habitat
But I can build bridges; I'm a criss-cross
Between Christopher Wallace and Christopher Hitchens
I'm just inquisitive, plus a little vicious
When it comes to the fictitious
I'm Mr. Infomatic

Step up to Mr. Infomatic
If you've got yourself a question then ask it
'Cause if you don't then you get no answers
And that's so tragic
I'm Infomatic
I need facts like a sick dope addict
I got high scientifical standards
And that's why I'm into techno-gadgets
I'm intergalactic

I've been Mr. Infomatic for years
And I'll be that, until I run out of ideas
I'll light couple candles in a demon-haunted world
While this pale blue dot is hurled
Through the cosmos, I'm not slow, I wanna know
How a termite might evolve from a cockroach
Or how an ape from the African plains
Ends up with a massive brain, I can explain!
With a little help from some mathematicians
Familiar with natural selection
'Cause this is Darwinian rap – I keep 'em shimmyin'
Steady on the beat like a Nash Equilibrium
Haters are prosimian, wide-eyed
Like "No homo!" Sapien! Bush baby to ai-ai
And I might be at the front of a zeitgeist
That you can't define so why try?
I'm Mr. Infomatic

Step up to Mr. Infomatic
And if you've got yourself a question then ask it
'Cause if you don't then you get no answers
And that's so tragic
I'm Infomatic
Can't forget about temporal-lobe action
'Cause if you do, your brain will get so flacid
And that's nasty
Don't ask me what this is
It's just dope rappin'

Nerdcore is dead. Call the coroner!
It died 'cause it wasn't nerdy to the core enough
Not enough info, too many lame
References to the video games – what a shame!
You mixed up your fantasy fiction obsession
With your dedication to the scientific method
And extroverts can't relate to that!
I'd rather join the Night's Watch and take the black!
Okay, so I fell off the non-fiction wagon
Long enough to finish up A Dance With Dragons
But you won't catch me braggin' about social ineptitude
Or claimin' that clever will never be cool
So I should dumb it down, instead of keepin' it brainy
And waitin' for all the haters to come around
And when I'm done, smart will be the new sexy
And geeks will be cooler than 50, so who's with me?

I'm Mr. Infomatic
Step up to Mr. Infomatic
And listen up to Mr. Simmonds on the records
That's right, he's a production addict
I got the rappin'
Baba Brinkman is Mr. Infomatic
Wikipedia is infomatic
College degrees are infomatic
But you don't need one to have it
I'm talkin' 'bout facts, bitch
Facts, bitch...


from The Infomatic EP, released November 10, 2012
From The Infomatic EP
Written by D. Brinkman and J. Simmonds
Produced, mixed and mastered by Mr. Simmonds


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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