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Lotus Eaters

from Swordplay by Baba Brinkman



Sitting on a beach
With a guitar in my hand
Moments on my mind
Like footprints in the sand

The rivalry that lives inside of me is so explosive
One side drinks chai tea and knows yoga poses
And keeps life peaceful and sleeps nights, buenas noches
The other side smokes roaches, take drugs and overdoses
With his eyes open wide high-speed on roller coasters
Yo I chose this life I lead, at least most of it
But sometimes I need to go with the flow a bit
I know this little island in the sea where the lotuses
Grow; in the Odyssey, Ulysses noticed it
In Homer's myth it's known as the home of the Lotus Eaters
I go to sip ambrosia; each drop on my throat is sweeter
And I'm a devoted seeker of the ultimate high
Music to blow the speakers, tequila, salt and lime
It's like I go to sleep thirsty and wired all the time
So I'm slow to speak words to describe how sublime
The flowers you find in this place taste
If you believe in religion imagine heaven as a state
Of complete hedonism, imagine freedom in prison
Where there isn't even a difference between dreamin' and livin'
I feel like a demon driven to this heathen existence
That I've seen in a vision like a gleam in the distance
Though I admit feeling a bit of a sneaking suspicion
That I've seen it retreating when I've been within inches

Sitting on a beach
With a guitar in my hand
Moments on my mind
Like footprints in the sand
Last night
I saw fish in the sky
I saw stars in the sand
My oh my oh my

My pain isn't there, except in the past tense
My brain is aware of nothing but distractions
That's why I came here, hash and absinthe
Dreams and carefree bohemian passions
A stranger's hair smells like frankincense
I strain my ears towards a Rastaman's
Music I can't quite hear; that's when I sense
A change in the air, perhaps an accident
Reacting to veins impaired by pathogens
Breathing, I reappraise where my path has been
Leading; my bloodstream needs a drastic spring
Cleaning, and I react with abstinence
I have to cleanse myself and take my life back again
This is what happens when people like me get tethered
To the hedonist life, and keep squeezing pleasure
From the heat of the night; it's like we can never
Believe the feeling is right, so eventually we sever
The leash and take flight; for me it's an effort
But I need to be delivered, and keep eating better
And keep seeking the treasure found in deep reading matter
I can't even measure how long I've been inside relaxed
Gradually digesting in Venus Fly Traps
But I can see the sky now; I've got my drive back

These things in life that I can't explain
Intoxication it bleeds my brain
It eases my pain
It feeds my flame
It bleeds my veins
It cleaves my frame
But I need my strength

Sitting on a beach

I feel like I'm a beast on this beach all I want is peace

With a guitar in my hands

As I stand inanimate a minute in this distant land

Moments on my mind

With one open eyelid left behind on this blind island

Like footprints in the sand

My inner dilemma's been expanding as long as I've been in this trance

Last Night

I had to sacrifice the afterlife to feed my appetite

I saw fish in the sky

I listened to my heartbeat and start to weep wishing to die

I saw stars in the Sand

But instead of letting hardships win I make departure plans

My oh my oh my

I think I'm ready to fly


from Swordplay, released April 20, 2004


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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