Lost in the Numbers

from by Baba Brinkman




I’ve got a friend and he’s into the climate contrarians
Clever clever and he seems to know better than scientists in those areas
Yes my friend, you have arguments in your defence, I’m aware of it
And we can stay friends even if your opinions
Are a bit of an embarrassment

Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be just fine
We've heard this kinda thing before, what's different this time?
They said “The population bomb is coming, and we're all gonna starve!
Resources are gonna run out soon and life will be hard!
Y2K is gonna get us, we're all gonna die!
We're gonna run out of oil, or ozone, and we're all gonna fry!
Civilization is doomed!” It's always the lefties
Who salivate at the thought of consumerism's death wheeze
That gut feeling that modern life is too good to be true
Has a lot more to do with this debate than CO2
Climate change is not a problem. It's what, a couple degrees?
Are we supposed to panic? Over what, a warm breeze?
Yes, it's happening, and yes it's caused by human emissions
So don't call me a science denier, this is not creationism
Call me a “luke warmer”, a “contrarian”, call me a skeptic
All I'm suggesting is we consider the costs and the benefits
If CO2 goes up, crops are gonna be more productive
We can adapt to a planet that's warming up a bit
Chances are, global warming is gonna be harmless
So we must have the courage to stand up to these alarmists

You’re lost in the numbers
You miscalculated it
The cost of climate change
You underestimated it
You’re lost in the numbers
You miscalculated it
The cost of going green
You overestimated it

What’s the plan? Are we gonna tell African nations
That after we got rich off of fossil fuels, they can't partake in them?
It’s the height of hypocrisy for a western democracy
To block any path to prosperity for people living in poverty
And let's be honest, renewables are too expensive
They power five percent of global energy? Unimpressive
And that five percent is massively subsidized
So renewables only survive because governments take sides
And distort the market so they can overcharge for it
Fossil fuel is what lifted us out of our former darkness
And now the forces of environmental hysteria
Are desperate to drag us back into a bygone era
You want chaos? Try shutting the power mains off
Try rolling blackouts, gas shortages, massive layoffs
Economic collapse, skyrocketing energy costs
You want to stop fossil fuels? Try shutting everything off
Nah, here’s what’s gonna happen: emissions will increase
For like twenty or thirty years, along with prosperity
We will get off of fossil fuels, after a while
We just can't let it happen on the back of an African child

You’re lost in the numbers
You miscalculated it
The cost of climate change
You underestimated it
You’re lost in the numbers
You miscalculated it
The cost of going green
You overestimated it

Let the market decide, don't be too eager
Renewables can take over as soon as they’re cheaper
And no sooner, otherwise we all pay out of pocket
Yeah climate change is real, and here’s how you stop it
You do nothing, enjoy the fruits of progress
As more and more products hit the market and cost less
You invest in adapting to sea level and temperature rise
As the GDP soars to indefinite highs
Thanks to innovation, thanks to human ingenuity
What you don’t do is put the breaks on it prematurely
‘Cause every dollar you spend on “decarbonization”
That’s a dollar you don’t spend on a hospital patient
Even the IPCC doesn’t paint such a bad picture
They say in eighty years, everyone’s gonna be ten times richer
So the cost of acting now is ten times higher
That’s built into the models, you can check if you think I’m a liar
The worst thing we can do is saddle today’s poor
With a burden their grandchildren would have no trouble paying for
The best thing we can do is all become prosperous
Rich enough to adapt if climate change tries to bother us

So what do you think y’all
Are you with me?

I’ve got a friend and he’s into the climate contrarians…


from The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, released September 30, 2016
Written by D. Brinkman, D. Moross and A. Ross
Produced by Soulful Spider
Additional Production and Mix by Tom Caruana
Keys by Simon Kendall
Clarinet by Morgan Price
Violin by Mark Ferris
Strings arranged and recorded by Simon Kendall
Additional Vocals by Aaron Nazrul


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Canadian hip-hop with an intellectual bent, nothing but sexy beats and sumptuous brain food.


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