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First Cell

from The Rebel Cell by Mud Sun



First Cell

Well if it isn't the notorious D-I-Z
The only citizen here who doesn't need ID
'Cause he's on more TVs than the BNPBC
Look, I'm not part of this media fallacy
They've never been very partial to impartiality
Me, I'm just interested in your army's strategy of resistance

So your paper can sell the story

Look the government's position is totally celebratory
Like, “Terrorist Captured!”
While ignoring the other Rebel Cells that I know are still asleep
As your supporters keep shrouding you in a veil of glory
But, I think you're more than just a martyr
So, come on, tell me your side
I'll try not to tell it poorly

So you can quell your need for speaking of something worthwhile?
Your empty gestures of freedom in a medium you're servile to?
I've read your small print
It's all tinted with false sentiment
Who edits your bullshit after you sent it in?

Look, no government censors spin my words
Just editors whose job is to insure
Their writers don't end up as prisoners
You fight the system with bombs
I fight it with words
I see no reason to hit a brick wall fist first

You fight the system
Like a rat fights it's treadmill
Churning sawdust to keep the people's heads filled
A pen wielded by a puppet isn't a weapon
It's quite clear
We're at war right here
And these days a sword is mightier

You call it a treadmill, I call it an escalator
Plus it's the generator that powers your grandmother's respirator

My grandma died of cancer from two nuclear reactors
That were built in spite of her protests, with her taxes

Well, that's another kind of "rebel cell"
You know how those rebellions end
It's never well

Equating dissidence with cancer is next level fascist
The kind of thinking that creates states that need rebel activists

I support change for the better


Just never radically
What's wrong with running your revolution democratically?
Get some strategy, start working to registered voters
You can laugh at your opponents when the election is over

Have you looked around recently?
Democracy's died here
Along with human rights and other nice ideas
And now we've climate crisis too
The time has passed to move slow
We need a new set of codes
And new modes

Well who knows?
Maybe you'll have a chance to succeed
But only after you dish enough dirt to plant the seed
I need a scoop
And I have hungry readers to feed it to
So speak the truth
It wasn't easy getting this meeting room

That's always the difference between me and you Baba
You're as shallow as a hack
As you were as a rapper
You were in it for the money then too
That's what screwed it
We could have brought the revolution closer with our music
Back in Brighton
When I first saw you spit
I thought you had a passion
What was it fueled it?


from The Rebel Cell, released August 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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