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from See From Space by Baba Brinkman



Climate change is already happening and causing billions of dollars worth of damage in the US alone. Ignoring it or declaring it a non-issue benefits a few at the expense of many. First released in January 2017, this song is a challenge to the new American President to take climate change seriously and think about the consequences of his past evasions.

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Mr. Donald Trump, you’re not my president
‘Cause I’m not a citizen, just another immigrant
A permanent resident stuck in the midst of it
Rubber-neckin’ as America drove off a cliff, thinkin’
I wish I could vote, but not for you though
Hell no, I voted for Justin Trudeau
Here’s a couple things that I think you know
Even if you act in public like you don’t
Climate change, you know that it’s happening
Know that its impact is already damaging
You said so! A permit you applied for
Said the ocean’s comin’ up on your Irish golf course
Well here’s another place you might like to protect
America. It’s likewise under threat
Sea level rise, extreme weather events
Infrastructure risk is bad for business
So I made a list, to help you keep track
And since you don’t read, I squeezed it in a rap
Would’ve put it in a tweet if I could achieve that
The seaside’s about to need an evac

Of coastlines, riverbeds
Of time left, only chance we’re gonna get
Of ice in the glaciers
United nations, isolation
Of faith in democracy
Your face in the dictionary next to hypocrisy
Erosion, erosion, erosion

Mr. President
Stickin’ your head in the sand is not principled
The rate of sea level rise in Florida tripled
In one decade, and that’s easy to count
It’s back when Billy Bush and you were hangin’ around
Demonstrating your scruples, and since those days
The tidal flooding in Miami Beach has quadrupled
And that’s great for business if you sell water pumps
But not for local residents who voted Donald Trump
So what you gonna do now? Lose Mar-a-Lago?
Or try to move it all to higher ground in Colorado?
Some people try to tell me that you’re all bravado
But I think you’ve got a calculation under all the guano
Come on though, what’s Tampa supposed to do if
Another storm floods the bay with raw sewage?
Is the EPA gonna stop the fluid spewin’?
Not under Scott Pruitt, all he wants to do is sue it
And what about common sense national defence?
You got several naval bases under imminent threat
It’s not just the Gulf Coast, Hampton Roads’
About to have some of Virginia’s dampest homes

Of waterfront property
Insurance underwriters can’t even make a profit
Of the public trust
Coal burners fillin’ up our lungs with dust
Of real estate value
Sea water comin’ up to surround you
Erosion, erosion, erosion

Mr. President
You know! The fire season’s out of control
Losses have doubled since I was six years old
With damage in the hundreds of millions
We lost a whole town in Canada’s wilderness
You know! Climate change is a factor
The Pentagon calls it a “risk enhancer”
So why do you act like you don’t know?
With every new quote that it’s a huge hoax
I really do wanna take the charitable view
Basic ignorance, that’s embarrassing for you
But it’s not as bad as the uncharitable view
That you’re funneling profits to fossil fuel
And getting kickbacks. There’s a lotta gas to burn
And we don’t know what you own, no tax return
All we know is, you got a lotta fossil fuel cronies
In your cabinet, and Tillerson and Putin are homies
And those with the most to gain
From the claim that climate change is a hoax are praying
That you can delay the clean energy transition
Long enough to cash a few chips in

Of journalistic standards
We want answers, not panders
Of public institutions
Of safeguards against pollution
Of civilization
It’s not too late to make changes
Erosion, erosion, erosion

Mr. President


from See From Space, released July 11, 2019
Produced and Mixed by Tom Caruana
Guitar by Tom Van Deursen
Chorus Vocals by Aaron Nazrul
Piano and Chorus Vocals by Simon Kendall

Commissioned and Peer Reviewed by Dr. Gary Yohe
Wesleyan University Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies


all rights reserved



Baba Brinkman New York, New York

Science rapper and inventor of several novel hip-hop variants. Canadian transplant to New York. Pathological optimist.

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